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    Some of my testimonials


    Miss Tay is a patient, helpful, understandable and friendly teacher whom i know. With her guidance, i managed to pass my both Grade 8 Practical and theory. I really enjoy during the lesson. Thank you so much for your great help.


    ~ Alicia



    非常感谢Min Min Tay 老师, 让我在十年没有碰过钢琴的情况下, 从来没有任何乐理背景和学习的情况下, 在从师Min Min Tay 一年后拿到了英皇的五级乐理90分的好成绩。 非常惊讶。 我本来以为及格就好了。 她的教学和中国国内的很不一样, 不会那么的死板。 更加注重踏板, 乐感,全方面。 她的踏板技巧教学使我第一次理解如何正确的使用踏板,她也注重基础课程的教育, 有很多很多和别的老师不一样的手指训练。 Min Min 老师也是著名钢琴家 Ong Lip Tat 的得意门生, 很多 Ong Lip Tat 的学生都听说过精湛琴艺她, 我自己就是这样找到她的。 这么认真负责用心又严谨的钢琴老师很难找到, 我非常乐意推荐她, 其实她哪里需要我推荐, 她的价值早已被肯定。


    ~ 哲寓



    We are very glad that we found Ms Tay to teach and guide our daughter, Yixuan for her Grade 5 Music Theory Exam. Even though we had only 11 weeks to the exam, her systematic approach has made it easy for an 11 years old child to understand and score really well (89 marks) for the exam. We appreciate her patience and dedication. Thank you, Ms Tay!


    ~ Robin Lim