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    The purpose of teaching music goes beyond the paycheck. The joy of teaching is about passing it along and sharing the love of music so that others can be just as passionate about it as I am.


    Music is a universal language, and the beauty of teaching music is that you are teaching to students who will be able to use this no matter where they are for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the most crucial purpose of teaching music is to inspire the students to love music, awaken a desire to rise above themselves, and motivate and encourage them to be more than what they can be.


  • Educating students aims to develop knowledge and resources that will contribute to their well-being towards their life pursuits. To teach the students how to love music, to train them to think, to inspire them to love what they do and then teach them how to find it. I also manage this website https://www.learnpianolessonsingapore.com where you can find more details about different piano courses.


    My purpose in teaching is to help the students to master the instrument well by working persistently at difficult passages and never giving up. If the students can practice a passage and get it right, this will give them a sense of pride and purpose. In addition, I teach them to appreciate the beauty of music through understanding the piece and the satisfaction of developing self-mastery of the musical instrument.


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