• Intensive ABRSM Music Theory Class

    Are you are serious in completing your ABRSM Music Theory in as short time as possible ?

    If so, this is the course for you….

    What is Music Theory?

    This topic on Music Theory is very close to my heart. I have blogged about it some time ago, however I feel I must reiterate the importance of Music Theory here. Besides I also teach adults piano lessons who want to learn piano privately.


    Music Theory is the study of how music works. It forms an Integral part of Music education. Composers use symbols and notes for their music compositions and if you do not understand what they mean, how can you be an effective musician? And how can you appreciate the piece you are playing?


    Music and Theory must go hand in hand. As the saying goes, “A good musician is one who understands how the music works.” Hence, a student lacking in music knowledge is missing out on a huge piece of the pie. The student is missing out on a wealth of knowledge in terms of understanding and appreciating how music works.


    I have received many enquiries regarding Music Theory lessons. I found that many students are struggling with their theory lessons. Some do not have theory incorporated in their regular piano lessons and many students find themselves at a bottleneck when they reach Grade 5 Practical and realize that they require a minimum of Grade 5 Theory in order to proceed on to Grade 6 Practical. These are stressful times for both parents and students.


    Hence I have tailored the Intensive Theory Lessons for these students in mind. I want to help them to appreciate and understand Music Theory in as short a time as possible as most of them attend my lessons with only 9 months before their Theory Examinations. Of course, the length and duration will depend on individual students and where their starting level is.


    However, my aim is to help them to achieve the level of Grade 5 in as short a time as possible as well as making the learning as painless and stress-free for them.

    Course : Intensive ABRSM Theory Lesson (for Grades 1 to Grade 5, Grade 6 to Grade 8)

    Course Details :

    • Intensive Theory Lesson is conducted once a week for music students of various instrument background
    • The Objective of the Intensive Theory is only suitable for students who are committed in passing their ABRSM Theory Exam, and want a FAST TRACK to grasp the relevant theory knowledge in a short span of time. The lessons will be intensive so Determination, Commitment and Perseverance are the keys to Success!
    • You learn systematic and proven steps to remembering key signatures, intervals and what to look out for in the theory examinations
    • You learn what are the commonly made mistake and how to avoid these mistakes.

    Duration: 1 hr / session (4x per month)


    Target Students : Suitable for 8 years and above. And Only open for music students who are committed to focus on their ABRSM Theory Exam


    The pre-requisite: Students will be assessed upon sign-up to determine their areas of strengths & weaknesses. A lesson plan will be derived to meet each students’ expectation.



    Disclaimer : Individual students progress and learn at a different pace. Commitment, Determination and Perseverance, play a major part in the success of your lessons. The Results & Performance of each student will vary depending on these factors.